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Drinking water

The tap water is not drinkable and only suitable for showering. Mineral water is available at the hotel bar.

Money Exchange / Banks

In compliance with Egyptian law, it is not permitted to change money in non-official bank counters. Credit cards are accepted in Egypt.

Phone Calls

Phone call prices in the hotel are expensive. International mobile network cards usually work in almost all of Egypt.

Safe box

We recommend that you leave your valuables in the safe box in your room or in a safe box at the reception. No liability falls in the hotel in case of los.


Gratuities are a tradition in the Mediterranean. It is about 07-10% of the bill. For the Nile cruise gratuities for all services (crew, cargo-carrier, bus driver and excursions) from the travel agency will be collected at the beginning of the journey.


In order to respect the moral rolls of the Islamic country, it is recommended to wear outside the hotel complexes arms and legs covering clothing. A hat is useful as a protection against the hot Egyptian sun. In visits to mosques and churches trousers must be worn. During...


The Egyptian cuisine is influenced very tasteful and of various exotic spices. Beans, lentils, vegetables, veal and chicken are among the main courses of Egyptian cuisine. AYSCH BALDI flatbread BABA GANOG eggplant paste with olive oil and garlic FATTA mutton on flatbread and...